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When lawmakers in the state of Texas deregulated the electricity market just over ten years ago now, the idea was to help consumers to save money. Today, however, Houston residents are paying more in the deregulated electricity market than before when the power grid was regulated by the state.

Why? It isn’t because they have to, it’s because, in a deregulated market, power providers are less restricted in the ways that they are allowed to advertise and how they delineate their billing categories. When the public billing code was deregulated in 1999, the changes came in the form of hundreds of amendments which radically transformed the way Houston residents get their electric power. All of this means that knowing what you’re paying for when you buy electricity is not an easy task.

To put it simply, private Texan electric companies are able to hide important details of their pricing schemes from customers and make it very difficult to choose a plan that delivers real value.

Compare Electricity Rates, Houston

But it’s not all bad news. The truth is that you really can save money on electricity in the deregulated market. The trick is to compare electricity rates in Houston by carefully sorting through all of the hundreds of different plans that the 60 different electricity providers offer.

Unfortunately, that is a rather herculean task. Even though deregulation has made it impossible for one or two monolithic power providers to gouge homeowners, the new deregulated power companies have a great deal of leeway in how they do business. Sadly, the way they have chosen to stay competitive is to draft up huge and opaque billing schemes to keep consumers baffled about what they are getting.

LHNRG consultants’s Price Comparison Solution

Here at LHNRG consultants, we understand the problem. We have made it our business to sort through the tangled web that the 60 power companies serving Houston has woven, and cleared the fog of their convoluted pricing schemes that are keeping consumers in the dark.

We run an ongoing research project which is designed to create a database of all of the plans offered by all of the power companies. We keep a list of all of their pricing plans, service packages, hidden fees, and taxes.

Electric companies advertise their service plans based on peak usage, which they sell as a high-value package- and it would be if every consumer needed peak usage. Often times they don’t, and they end up paying for more electricity than they are actually using.

Our comprehensive price-plan list tells you how much you should be paying depending on how much you actually use. This gives you the ability to compare electricity rates in Houston according to what will actually show up on your bill- not just what the power company recommends.

Our ongoing power market research gives us the ability to recommend the best power company and the best payment plan based on the size of your building and the amount of energy you use. Not only that but when the Houston electricity market shifts- as it often does- we can recommend a new provider and plan.

So, while deregulation has been confusing for a lot of people, the truth is you can save money in the deregulated market- and LHNRG consultants is here to help you to sort through the mess, and get the right plan for your power needs.

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