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Let Us Help You Save Time and Money By Professionally Controlling Your Energy Cost.

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LHNRG Energy Consultants Brings Value to Clients with Comparison, Advisement and Selection on Electricity Plans in Texas

LHNRG Energy Consultants brings value to clients by developing and implementing a comprehensive energy management strategy.

LHNRG Energy Consultants service offering to energy consumers and Industry Partners is focused on adding value in 4 key areas:

  • Electricity Rate Comparison
  • Energy Risk Management
  • Electricity Provider Support Services
  • Strategic Services for the Energy Industry

LHNRG Energy Consultants Manages

LHNRG Energy Consultants manages the procurement cycle for all of its clients with electricity rate comparison services. Assessing the competitive environment and accurately comparing competing and sometimes confusing offers is critical to the energy procurement process. LHNRG Energy Consultants’s unparalleled focus on the details of proposals, pricing structures, and contracts ensures that clients get the maximum value out of their procurement strategy and minimize the potential for the surprise of an unexpected cost after contract execution.

Supplier Qualification & Proposals

LHNRG Energy Consultant maintains relationships with over 10 leading suppliers of electricity & natural gas in North America. Our insight into their operations allows our firm to:

  • Develop detailed pre-qualification information on potential suppliers to narrow the competitive landscape to the most preferred suppliers
  • Develop a favorable solicitation based on the energy strategy developed with the client
  • Work with suppliers in customizing their products to fit the specific needs of the clients’ energy strategy
  • Supplier Comparison & Analysis

Once LHNRG Energy Consultants has received detailed proposals from suppliers, a thorough and in-depth analysis of all of the proposals is conducted and a detailed comparison is prepared for clients. Key areas of comparison and evaluation include:

  • Initial pricing, and what cost drivers are included or passed through to the client
  • The calculation methodology for pass through cost components and recommendations as to whether those methods are reasonable
  • The risk/reward balance of any pass-through components (i.e. will taking a certain cost as pass through ultimately result in higher or lower overall costs)
  • Comparison of all contractual provisions
  • Overall supplier capabilities, financial wellness, and customer service
  • Contract Negotiation & Execution

Once we have received proposals and have made a supplier recommendation to our clients, we proactively proceed to negotiate and execute a contract with the supplier that is most favorable. As part of the negotiation process, LHNRG Energy Consultants will:

  • Provide a detailed review of each shortlisted supplier’s contract in an easy to read format
  • LHNRG Energy Consultants will suggest any modifications to commercial terms submitted
  • Coordinate in-house counsel
  • Lead contract negotiations with suppliers
  • Finalize contract execution

Complete Energy Risk Managment Services

LHNRG Energy Consultants further adds value to our clients by developing a comprehensive energy risk management strategy that can be adapted to changing market conditions, regulatory structures, and supplier behaviors. We work alongside our clients to establish attainable energy goals that seamlessly mesh with their business objectives, risk tolerance and any budgetary constraints. Finally, LHNRG Energy Consultants then assists clients in implementing the detailed energy management strategy, bench-marking its performance against the established goals and adapting the strategy during times of changing market conditions.

Energy Strategy Development

Developing an organization wide energy strategy to address key issues, is critical to success.  We assist clients in the following areas:

    • Realistic energy budget considerations
    • Price risk management goals
    • Regulatory environment assessment and change forecasting
    • Achieving sustainability goals

Electricity Price Market Analysis & Monitoring

LHNRG Energy Consultants helps clients stay ahead of the constant changes and volatility of the energy markets by constantly monitoring and keeping its clients informed of:

    • Daily fluctuations in key commodity prices
    • Regulatory activity
    • Changes in fundamental factors that drive energy prices
    • Changes to market structures & the competitive landscape

Ongoing Electricity Rate Hedge Management

Market volatility creates unique purchasing opportunities. LHNRG Energy Consultants enables clients to leverage that volatility to their advantage. We are able to achieve this through the use of a number of proprietary tools and resources that assess the following:

      • Natural gas target prices
      • Block power target prices
      • Opportunistic hedging

Electricity Provider Support Success

LHNRG Energy Consultants also serves as an in-house energy management team on behalf of clients. This entails support on many day-to-day business needs that range from energy report preparation for internal purposes to coordinating hardware installations and repairs with local utility companies. LHNRG Energy Consultants also offers online invoice support to ensure supplier invoices are in compliance with executed contracts.

Invoice Validation

LHNRG Energy Consultants reviews and investigates any non-agreed upon charges and proactively moves to an amicable resolution to ensure our client’s facilities are charged accurately per the terms of each energy supply contract. In addition, LHNRG consultants serves as the client’s customer service advocate which includes but is not limited to:

    • Invoice dispute resolution
    • Transmission and Distribution rate validation
  • Site & Volume Management

Over the term of an energy supply contract, a client’s business is constantly changing and LHNRG Energy Consultants works to make sure that all supply contracts remain current and in-line with the client’s changing needs, including but not limited to:

    • Actual consumption vs forecasted usage analysis
    • Meter additions and deletions as needed
    • Maintenance scheduling
    • Contract reassignment when a facility is sold or purchased

Budgeting & Forecasting

LHNRG Energy Consultants provides clients detailed budgeting and forecasting information on a regular basis.  This includes:

    • Monthly updates of actual spend compared to budget based on realized costs and changes in forward market conditions
    • Fiscal year budget development based on contracted rates and/or forward market projections
    • Medium to long term forecasts of energy spend to aid in strategic planning and new site location decisions

Trusted Suppliers

LHNRG consultants holds no exclusivity with any one energy supplier. We function solely as our client’s advocate amidst a highly volatile energy market. Below are some of our most vetted and trusted suppliers.