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We Are The Energy Advocate You Need

LHNRG Energy Consultants is a professional energy procurement team representing businesses of any size across Texas’s deregulated market with a goal to empower businesses by saving them valuable time and money with honest and reliable energy solutions.  Our specialists provide expert advice acquired over years of deep experience navigating the energy market and connecting clients with the best product available. We have the necessary skills to serve as the client’s advocate. Long standing relationship with top suppliers and technical knowledge enables us to negotiate with top suppliers to ensure our clients obtain the best energy prices. On top of brokering extremely low electricity rates, we will also negotiate the best contract terms and strategically plan ahead to guarantee our client’s energy cost will always be in control so their company can save and grow.

We are your independent and unbiased energy consultant, always focused on the best interests of your company by locking in the most competitive rates, predict market changes, manage risk and budget for long-term stability. Our focus is to provide clients money-saving, energy solutions with 100% customer satisfaction.

At LHNRG Energy Consultants, we strive to earn your trust and consider it an honor to have you as a customer for life. We believe in mutually rewarding long-term relationships.  Therefore, we offer you unparalleled service, make sure you understand your options, and we will never waste your valuable time.

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Our Trusted Energy Suppliers

LHNRG consultants holds no exclusivity with any one energy supplier. We function solely as our client’s advocate amidst a highly volatile energy market. Below are some of our most vetted and trusted suppliers.